5'1" | 33-27-37
HW - 117 LB | LW - 102 LB | GW - ???

I once worked hard to get the body I wanted. Then life happened...and I fell off the wagon. However, I'm now ready to have my butt kicked, my lifestyle changed, and to no longer worry about being out of shape. This is fitspo, nutrition, facts & figures that I'd like to keep in mind.
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curves!! and lines!!

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A green apple, 1/2 a cup of OJ and Kashi GoLean cereal! Usually I eat more fruit but there’s no variety today. :(
It’s okay though - ill be eating again within an hour or two!

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The time to start is now!

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The snow is melting!

It’s been quite an adjustment, moving to the East Coast…it was 40 degrees outside and the sun was out, and it was warm and beautiful…

I must be insane. Back home, at 60 degrees, jackets start coming out.

BUT most importantly what this means: running outdoors again! And in a few days, I’ll be back home to visit so even mooore trails and routes to kill.

Outside is much closer than the gym, so there’s no excuse!

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Anonymous Asked:
how has your body changed?

The weight gain really crept up on me! Really it was about 10 pounds, and two inches on my waist and hips each, but it ALL went to my tummy. :(

Little rolls and all….ugh. But thankfully, it can be solved.

At the same time, I was surprised at how much I gained and how little it affected my body elsewhere…now I know. I’ll def be squatting and lifting to keep the booty! ;)